Friday, February 10, 2012

Case Study: California State Parks, Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division

The Business Challenge

Parks OHV (Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division) needed to better track and understand accident data from multiple state parks, many located in remote locations.  Fulfilling OHV’s public safety role, the initial challenge was to ensure timely and accurate data collection.  Once the data was input, Parks OHV needed an ongoing technology solution that would automatically and accurately extract vital report information and then tabulate the extracted information in easy-to-read, meaningful reports, charts and graphs.  Cost was a major factor.  Like most public agencies, OHV must maximize outcomes despite very severe cut-backs in public sector funding. 

The SyTech Solution

OHMVR partnered with SyTech to help streamline their access to mission-critical data from disparate locations. OHMVR began collecting California State parks data, utilizing "check-box" cards designed by SyTech for scanning. Meanwhile, SyTech quickly set up a Kofax document imaging system and software to accurately image thousands of OHMVR cards per year.

Initially, SyTech scanned approximately 13,000 California State parks cards each year. SyTech captured data from those cards via Kofax Ascent Capture, stored the scanned images in an Alchemy database, imported the captured data into Microsoft Access, and hosted an online query/reporting system to tabulate the data.  SyTech has now developed a more efficient process for gathering information.  Utilizing Android powered Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablets, SyTech has developed an application for capturing injury information on location.  Key data is input on the tablet and uploaded to 1DocStop, SyTech’s cloud-based solution, built on Microsoft .NET Framework.  This data along with GPS location extracted from the tablet, is stored online for analysis and tracking.     

The online query system provides instant data to OHMVR for effective knowledge management and decision-making. It allows OHMVR users to run reports as needed that include a summary of the data and a visual representation of the data in the form of a pie chart. The system has multiple query options for real-time data collection. Users can specify  parameters to narrow the report to a specific location and time frame. Additional queries can also be written upon request, giving OHMVR unlimited query potential. In     addition, table data can be exported and copied into other applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access. The visual representation of the data can also be copied into other Microsoft applications for reporting purposes, and converted into multiple formats (i.e. PDF, BMP, JPG, GIF).

SyTechdrilldown reporting. Users are able to view their data in additional chart types, such as bar graphs and line graphs. Comparison charting allows users to plot a chart with data from one year over a chart with data from another year. Moreover, customizable report formatting allows users to customize the appearance and format of their report.

Statistics Simply Meaningful

OHMVR is reaping many benefits through its collaboration with SyTech. SyTech's technology solution is accomplishing OHMVR's main goals to tabulate vital information and easily access data. Statistical information is available to OHMVR instantaneously via any web browser. This information is made meaningful via the visual charts that are automatically created. These charts can be immediately useful for analysis, presentations, reports, or other uses.

This solution was recognized at Government Mobility 2012 as one of the top 3 "Most Innovative Applications".  Click on the screenshots below for a closer look.

Paper Injury Card

Tablet Interface

Web Interface: Secure Login

Advanced Search

Search Results

Document Viewer

Document Properties

Dashboard - Charts

Dashboard - Charts

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